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She tightened the scarf around her neck slightly, trying to cover the bare skin as much as she could. Snow fell gently around them as they walked to Selphia Lake; she wanted to hold his hand, but her mittens prevented her from doing so. The cold air made her lungs ache slightly, her breath steaming as it escaped her mouth. As cold as it was, she was happy to be spending this time with the person she cared the most about.

They passed by Jones and Nancy's. She could see Nancy plastered to the window with a smile on her face, watching the two as they walked by. Frey shook her head, feeling her cheeks get hot. Nancy and Jones were so lovey-dovey that it made everyone in Selphia want to either swear off love or find love for their own. But for the two of them to think she and her lover were “cute” meant something, and Frey wasn't quite sure if she should be embarrassed or proud.

Once at the lake, she saw Amber at the flowers they had planted in the Spring. Watering can in hand, they couldn't help but to silently laugh at her. Bundled up perhaps slightly too much, the simple task of watering flowers was now almost impossible since it was difficult for her to move. There was no one else who hated Winter as much as Amber did, so to help her out, Frey took the watering can from Amber and watered the flowers for her. With a muffled thanks due to the countless scarves around her neck and mouth, Amber took the watering can back and waddled away, leaving the two alone.

“Amber really dislikes the cold, doesn't she?”

Frey looked to him and giggled. “Poor girl. She loves those flowers as much as she hates Winter, so she'll suffer some for it to ensure their livelihood.”

“I could help her water them on really cold days. I hope she knows this.”

Frey smiled at him. He was always so thoughtful toward others. “I'm sure she does, Kiel. But those are her flowers. She wants to take care of them herself.”

“I can understand that,” Kiel agreed. He looked out to the lake, partially frozen. “I wonder if they'll bloom in the Spring?”

“I hope so, with all the hard work she's put into them.”

Kiel jumped slightly. “Oh! I meant to tell you! I've been seeing Ellie come by and look at them.”

Frey was surprised by this. “Really? How often?”

“Every other day or so,” he replied. “She hasn't had to do much, though. Amber has been taking good care of them.”

Frey smiled to herself as she gazed at Kiel while he made his way closer to the lakeside. Slower in his movements, she had a tinge of guilt. No doubt he was in pain, but he had wanted this. Quietly, she walked to him and placed her hand gently on his back, making him look at her.

“Are you in any pain?”


“No, the other Kiel,” she sarcastically joked with a giggle. “Yes, you!”

He shook his head. “I'm fine! It's doing me some good getting out and about!”

She glanced around at the snow. “But on such a cold day?”

“Even better. The air is much clearer,” he smiled. He could see the worry in her eyes, so he shook his head. “You fret too much. I'm not all that weak anymore. Not since I've been with you.”

“Being with me is what got you hurt,” she addressed. “Really, Kiel. I know you said you would protect me, but I can protect myself.”

Kiel raised an eyebrow. “Oh? I'm pretty sure I remember a monster coming from behind to hurt you.” She gave him a pout, which made him laugh. “I just happened to be there to stop it. What's an injury or two?”

“You're hopeless,” she sighed as her shoulders slumped. She then smiled warmly at him. “But I am thankful. Had you not been there, I would've been in trouble.” She then softly patted his wounded back. “Just tell me when you start hurting or getting tired. Okay?”

He nodded. “I can do that.” There was silence for a moment as they watched the snow continue to fall. She didn't mind the quiescence as long as she spent time with him. It was the small moments such as these she loved. “Did I ever tell you? When I was little, you know I was sick a lot, yeah?” She nodded. “Winters were rough on me. I rarely got to go outside, which bothered me since I wanted to play in the snow and make a snowman. Mom and Dad wouldn't let me for the fear of me getting sick.” He took in a deep breath, and she could see him wince slightly. Broken ribs made it hard to breathe, no doubt. “One day, I got really bored and went outside-”

“You did?” Frey asked. “I bet your parents were mad, huh?”

“Not as much mad at me as they were Forte,” Kiel answered. “They had to go to the store and told Forte to watch me. She started training and took her eyes off me, so there I went.” He closed his eyes, reliving the memory. “The first thing I did was fall in the snow.”

“You tripped?”

“No. Just fell into it. I wanted to feel it,” he answered as he opened his eyes and looked at Frey. “I rolled around and around in it. I made a snow angel. Then, I stood up and made a snowman.” He winked at her. “It was a shoddy snowman, but it was my first one, you know.” He looked back out at the lake. “Right after I made it, Forte ran outside and started fussing at me something fierce. She took me by the hand and started to lead me inside, but Mom and Dad saw us before she could.”

Frey bowed her head, knowing what happened next. “Did it ruin it?”

“Not at all,” Kiel beamed. “I didn't get sick from it, so no harm, no foul.”

“So, since you didn't get sick, did they let you out more?”

“Some,” he replied. His smile became brighter. “It's something I'll never forget. That first feeling of snow. The brush of winter's chill on my face. Dad's surprised look when he saw that I wasn't as weak as they thought...”

Frey's chest ached. She hooked her arm around Kiel's arm and leaned closer to him. “He would be proud of how far you've come, Kiel. I'm sure of it.”


“Mm-hm,” she nodded. “You're always with me when I go on quests, fighting monsters that would make any person tremble. You've never faltered. Not once.” She held onto his arm slightly tighter. “If that wouldn't make him proud, I'm not sure what would.”

“Frey...” he whispered. He then leaned his head onto her head. “Thanks.”

She nodded. “Not to mention that you married a princess.”

He laughed. “Yeah, let's not leave that out.” He then nudged her slightly. “Hey, technically, I'm a prince, if you wanna split hairs.”

She giggled herself. “Chalk that up as another success story to tell your dad in the afterlife.”

Kiel smiled, then reached and took hold of her hand. “Promise me something, Frey.”


“Let's play in the snow together. You, me... our future children.” Hearing him say this made her feel warm inside. They had talked about it, but to have him say it himself was wonderful. “Let's make snow angels and snowmen-”

“Have epic snowball fights-”

“Yeah!” he excitedly agreed. “And afterwards drink hot chocolate and sit by the fire-”

“And tell ghost stories waaaay into the night!”

“Yeah!” he beamed. He put his arm around her and held her as tightly as he could, not caring about his hurting wound. “Then we'll tuck them in bed-”

“And have a little love our way-”

“Then sleep, only to wake up-”

“To do it all over again.”

She felt his lips press against her forehead. “Sounds great, doesn't it?”

She closed her eyes as she felt his warmth. “Yes,” she hummed. “It sounds great.”
There isn't enough of Kiel X Frey out there. The other bachelors don't get the attention that Leon and Dylas get, and that's really sad to me. The first time I met Kiel, I fell in love with his character, as he is in many ways like me. So, here's to hoping I can add a little more out there for the young man. If you wish for me to write more, I gladly will!
He had been so young, and it was the last thing Chrom wanted him to experience… ever. When they returned to camp after rescuing Maribelle, at first, the boy was fine. The day was bright, and many talked to him to keep his thoughts off of what had occurred. Maribelle was ever so grateful to him for risking his life to take her out of the clutches of Aversa herself, and he simply smiled.

That night, around midnight, it was Chrom’s turn to patrol the camp. Quiescence loomed as people slept lightly, prepared for the chance of battle. Two hours passed, and as he headed back to pass the patrol to Stahl, he heard a cry of horror echo throughout the camp. As soon as he heard it, he knew. He ran to the boy’s tent to see him darting out of it and to a bush; just as the prince reached him, the red-haired mage began to hurl into the bushes, holding onto his stomach as a cold sweat drenched him. The only thing Chrom could do was rub the youth’s back as he threw up violently, tears streaming down his face as he shook. Finally, he leaned up and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, Chrom gently gripping his shoulder to console him. He didn’t look back, but kept his eyes on his hands.

“Chrom,” he shakily spoke, “what I did… it was bad, wasn’t it?”

The blue-haired Lord was silent for a moment. The question had taken him off guard. Of course, how could he not have expected it? Chrom’s first kill was when he was around eighteen. Before him was a fourteen-year-old boy who had until today been studying magic in the safe haven of the castle.

“No,” he replied. “No, Ricken. It wasn’t bad.”

“But, those people we killed… they have families, too,” Ricken whimpered. “They’re just like us. They’re just fighting to protect those they love, right?”

Chrom’s breath hitched in his lungs. Little by little, he could see Ricken’s innocence shatter. He had to say, do something to preserve what was left. “They are different than us. Do you know how?” Ricken shook his head. “They started this war. They wanted the Fire Emblem, and when we refused them, they chose this path.”

“But they’re still people!” Ricken cried out. He held his hands up to his head, his eyes closed tightly as the tears fell. “I killed them! They have families and friends!” His body started shaking again. “How does that make me any different?!”

Silence again. Then, he felt Chrom’s hands around his, lowering them from his head. He opened his eyes and looked up to see him sitting parallel from him, a soft smile on his face. “Their hands tried to take lives just to start a war.” His eyes moved to Ricken’s hands. “These hands, Ricken? These hands took lives to save others. That is how you are different.” He gave his hands a slight squeeze. “Do you see the difference? They took lives with malice in their hearts. You took them with love for your friends.” He released Ricken’s hands and helped him to his feet. “You all right now?”

“Yeah,” Ricken sniffled as he wiped his tears away. “Yeah, I’m okay.”

“Are you certain?”


Chrom smiled and ruffled the young boy’s hair. “If you need me, you know where to find me.”

He turned and took several steps-

“Chrom?” Hearing Ricken calling for him made him stop and face him. A smile was on his face. “Thank you. You don’t have to worry about me, okay?” He patted his chest. “I’m not going anywhere. I want to stay and help Ylisse in any way I can, so you can depend on me.”

Chrom gave him a nod, turned, and walked away.

It could have been his fatigue kicking in, but Ricken’s shoulders seemed broader than they were when he saw him back in Ylisse two days ago.
A Boy Meets a Man
Ricken is my precious cinnamon bun. I wanted to write something about him killing his first enemy, because I'd imagine that other than training, he hadn't fought a single day in his life. Also, with him idolizing Chrom, I felt like it would be better if Chrom would have been the one to give him words of encouragement. 
She walked beside him, her hands clutching the strap of her book bag. Her brow was furrowed in a serious pout, and she had not spoken since he picked her up from school early. A bruise was starting to form under her eye, and her tights had various holes in them; in those holes, skin with scratches and scuff marks could be seen. He could tell she was worried she was in trouble, but more so focused on something else. He looked ahead then glanced down at her.

“Hey, Kjelle? Look over there.” She looked up to see where he was pointing at, then followed the direction until she could see an alley. “Want to know what happened there?” She nodded. “That’s where your daddy got into his first fight.”

Her eyes relocated to him, wide in curiosity. “What for?”

“Some mean boys were saying bad things about your Auntie Emm,” he began in reply. He chuckled. “See, your daddy kind of has a bad temper. Before I could stop myself, I punched one of them, and the fighting began.”

“I bet you beat those meanies up, huh?” she excitedly asked.

“No, actually…” His eyes became distant. “I lost.”

Kjelle looked down at the ground. “…Just like me.” She sniffled. “Onila is a big meanie! She was saying that Lucy and I are really boys who like to dress as girls!” She clenched her fists. “I don’t care what she says about me, Daddy. I really don’t. But she shouldn’t be talking about Lucy that way!”

Chrom smiled to himself; he figured it had been something like that. “Are you upset because you lost?”

She nodded. “I should have won. I started the fight! I was so mad! But Onila is way bigger than me.” She then looked up at him, worry and tears in her eyes. “Are you mad at me, Daddy?” He shook his head. “Really? Why not?”

“How can I be when both your mother and I have done the same thing?” he answered. “It’s never a good thing to fight, but as long as it’s something you believe is worth fighting for, then that’s what matters.” He smiled warmly at her. “Sure, you may have lost, but that’s not what counts. You held your ground. That’s what matters.” She stared at him for a moment, then gave him the same warm smile back. “I’m sure Sully will be proud of you, too.”

They were nearing the castle now. Chrom felt a tiny hand reach around his index and middle fingers. He gave them a small squeeze, and heard a small giggle come from her. He felt warmth in his chest as he recalled himself as a boy during that first fight.

And when he looked at Kjelle, he saw himself in her.
Little Lessons
I love Chrom X Sully. It also bugs me people tend to forget that unless Chrom marries the village maiden, he does in fact have 2 children. Most focus just on his and Lucina's relationship. 
She stood near her mother, wanting so badly to go back with them instead of staying here. To the side, she saw her father in the process of being healed by Lissa, and it pained her to see him wounded. Yet, he kept a smile on his face… something she missed so.

“Severa,” her mother called to her. She turned, her long, white pigtails swaying with her movement, to see Cordelia closing the distance between them. She wore a relieved smile- one that Severa was not used to seeing.

“What do you want?” she nearly hissed, causing Cordelia to stop in her tracks.

“My, aren’t we hateful?” her mother bitterly smiled. “Perhaps it is from all the incessant fighting?”

“You wish,” Severa replied harshly. “No, I have a different problem with you.”

Cordelia put her hands on her hips, a minutely ill look about her. “Goodness. Everyone else is happy to see their parents. Why aren’t you?”

“Don’t give me that,” the white-haired girl muttered, her eyes casting to the ground in guilt. “I am happy to see you. I’m happy to see Daddy, too. It’s just…” She turned her head to look at her father, and for a moment just stared at him. “Tell me why.”

Cordelia leaned her head forward. “I’m sorry?”

“Daddy. He… he never stood a chance, you know?” she almost whispered, her eyes still on him. “When you married him, did you do it out of love, or out of necessity?” She then looked at her mother. “What did Chrom have that he didn’t?” This question hit Cordelia like she had run into a brick wall. The expression in her daughter’s eyes told her everything, and it pained her so. Before she could answer, Severa continued. “He loved you. He loved me.” She smiled, recalling memories locked deep. “He was a total weirdo, but he sure spoiled me to be the princess I am today.”

Cordelia let out a giggle. “I can certainly see that.”

Severa’s smile faded. “But you didn’t love him back. Or perhaps you did love him, but not the way you loved Chrom. Even though I was little, I knew that much.” She crossed her arms, visibly bitter. “So tell me. What does Chrom have that Daddy doesn’t?”

“Severa, honey…” Cordelia sighed. “There isn’t much there now. Trust me when I say this to you. I won’t lie- there are still some feelings, and when you have your first love, you will understand how hard it is to let those go. But I can tell you that Henry is precious to me.”

Severa raised an eyebrow. “You can’t tell me you’re different that my mother of this time. Gods, you even sigh like her and have that ‘I’m better than you’ attitude!”

“That’s where you’re wrong,” Cordelia rebutted. “I can be different, and I am different.” Severa coiled back. “You don’t believe me? What did I honestly do in this time to make you doubt me so?”

“You’re kidding, right?” Severa scoffed. “You chose Chrom over Daddy! Instead of going with Daddy to fight, you went with Chrom instead! And that…” She couldn’t finish. Cordelia’s lips barely parted as a gasp escaped her lips.

“That’s when he died…”

“Do you get it now?” Severa lashed, tears threatening to spill. “That’s why… that’s why I have to tell you… Please…” She sniffed and wiped a stray tear. “Mother… don’t…”

At her daughter’s visible struggle, Cordelia finally closed the distance between them and pulled her close. Severa wrapped her arms around her mother and sobbed quietly. “Severa, I can’t answer for the decisions I made in this time. But know that I would never make that sort of decision now. Ever.” Severa could tell by her mother’s tone that she meant every word she said, and she even looked up at her to see the truth. “I love Henry. I love him very, very much. We don’t spend much time apart.” Cordelia ran her fingers through her daughter’s hair in efforts to comfort her. “So believe me when I say that what happened in this time won’t happen in mine. I love him too much to do that to him.”

“And Chrom?”

Cordelia shook her head. “There are minor feelings, nothing more. It was hard at first, especially when he married my best friend. But Henry… he’s helping me one day at a time.”

“Good,” Severa breathed, closing her eyes. “I needed something good to happen. It’s been too long since I’ve been spoiled.” She then opened her eyes and pulled away from her mother. “If I ever see you again, I’d better hear news that you two got busy making me, you hear?”

Cordelia laughed, her heart finally picking up the shattered pieces.
What Does He Have that Daddy Doesn't?
I write A LOT of Fire Emblem Awakening stuff. This is part of my ongoing series called "A Day in the Life", which is drabbles pertaining to the characters and events. 

I've always wanted some sort of interaction like this with Severa and Cordelia, oddly enough my two most hated characters. Go figure. 
So, I mostly am on here to view others' artwork. I love to write, but I have realized that writing isn't really noticed much on here. If you would like to read my work, by all means, feel free to go to, look for smileplease91, and there you have it! I'd greatly appreciate it!

Keep on drawing/writing! I love to see it! ^_^


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I'm just a small town girl that loves the outdoors, to write, and draw. I love anime and gaming. Family and friends mean the world to me, and I'm engaged to someone whom I have been with over 7 years. Put it simply I love life. :)
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It's over. This last episode killed me so hard. Such an amazing show. Thank you, Kyoani...

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